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Half a million online
Only a few weeks after its launch the German website virusquartett.de can look back to 500.000 page views.
English Version
Because of a great international demand an English version of the virus card game will be printed in winter 2004/2005.
Contest MyVirus
Before long, the virus card game operator known_sense will advertize a creative contest for pupils. They are asked to hand in their visualisations of viruses that were erased from their computers.

The hot plate card game
Old hot plates - new hot plates, clean or dirty ones with incrsutations. A foray through German kitchen culture. From zero to a hundred (degrees) within 10 seconds. There has never been a card game that tickled your appetite more based on an idea by Timm Haucke.
The shrink card game
Trumps at the verge of a nervous breakdown! What you always wanted to know about shrinks and never dared to ask: Who has got the biggest couch? Who charges the highest rates? And most of all: 3 or 5 years - who raced university?

Virus Card Game: Play it and get infected!

You don't have a card game with you right now or you are just looking for some online distraction? Or: You are just curious about how these beasts look like that keep on paralyzing your computer? Then www.computer-beast.com is the right place for you to be. Just one more click - and you are about to get infected. Play with and against viruses, worms and Trojan horses.

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Also available as print version (German Version)!

Computer-Beast. The virus card game. Edited by known_sense. Illustrated by Jo 'Schlammpeitziger' Zimmermann.
A rendez-vous mit Elk Cloner, Michelangelo, Melissa, Morris, Slammer Sobig, Swen, Sasser and others. 32 cards in a box. 8,- incl. postage and packing. (Deliveries abroad 10,- ). Only payment in advance!
Please place your orders (including delivery address) via eMail at known_sense and simultaneously transfer the amount payable into the following account: Account Number.: 030 38 269 00 (known_sense D. Pokoyski)
Bank code: 370 800 40 (Dresdner Bank)
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Only a few copies of the first edition available! A 2nd edition and an English Version will be launched in 2005.

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